19 May 2011

Wedding dress alterations

 Love a boutique wedding gown but want it more modest than the strapless look?  Just add some sleeves.

Started out like this.
It had a long sheer 'shawl' with it that we used to create some sleeves.  Along with some drapy fabric fashioned into wide straps that were then tucked inside the double fabric 'sleeves'.  Yes this is a rectangular piece of fabric and it DID become a sleeve.  No, sleeves are not usually rectangular in shape.  In fact they never are that I know of!  But it can be done I have discovered!  A little ingenuity, a lot of draping, and a LOT of hand sewing, and there you have it!
On the hanger just does not do this justice. 
This was durring the fitting/draping process but you get the idea.
It worked!  Beautifully as the bride informed me after it was completed and I handed it off.  I didn't get to see it on her after it was all finished because it worked out better for a friend to pick it up for her.  But she said later that it was perfect and that it just made her dress!  She was happy, so I'm happy.  Success!  And it made a world of difference in the modesty department.  That is always a satisfying feeling:)

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