30 May 2009

A Hot Day in May

This is what the 3 sisters did the other day when it was hot. They wanted to get the sprinkler out and I finally caved and said yes. I was convinced they would not play in the water any longer than it took to get all wet and drippy and then they would trail back into my house, bringing water, grass and dirt with them. But they REALLY wanted to so I said yes and tried to forget the messes they made last year with water.
They proved me wrong and stayed out till suppertime, came in, ate in their swimsuits and headed right back out. This is what they did instead of hooking up the sprinkler!

There's nothing quite like playing in the water on a hot summer day! The pool is filling as I write this so the next hot day we have all 4 of us will most likely be 'playing' in water;-)

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