27 January 2009

Sewing Fine Seams!

This is a skirt I just made for me. I wore it last Friday night on a date with my wonderful husband:-) The fabric is Anna Maria Horner's 'Volumes'. I sewed a black grosgrain ribbon down the center. {TIP: if you want to sew a ribbon down the center, make the front with a seam. Then you just sew the ribbon right on top of the seam and you don't have to worry about getting it straight - just follow the seam!}

This is fabric and ribbon I have to make a skirt for a friend. Ribbon goes on the bottom of finished skirt.

This is a tablecloth to be made into a skirt for my friend too. I'll try to post some pics soon of how I decided to work this!!

And soon-to-be skirt number 3 for my friend!

Just a pile of other sewing projects I have waiting on me!

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