03 November 2008

Not Me! Monday

It's Not Me! time again! Check out MckMama she started it and is even keeping it going right after having her miracle baby just last Wednesday!
This week I Did Not keep MckMama's blog open most of the time so I could just refresh it whenever I wanted to check for an update.
I have not been looking into unlimited text messaging so I can keep up with MckMama's twitter posts that way!
I Did Not cater to Little Sister WAY too much this past week because she is missing Middle Sister in a BIG way.
I Have Not missed Middle Sister myself at all!
I'm not starting to count the days till Middle Sister is back with us again!
I Did Not tell Big Sister this morning that she could go ahead and write her book report that was due today even though she hadn't finished the last couple of chapters of the book. I didn't go on to tell her that it wouldn't matter because you aren't supposed to tell the ending anyway. I'd never do such a thing, you always have to do everything completely correctly around here!
I didn't let the laundry pile up... again!
I'm not so excited about Stellan's wonderful birth and perfect health that I just have to tell everyone about it!
I Don't love this Not Me fun!!!



Blogger Mrs. K said...

I love compromised homework, we never do it around it and I do not think it teaches our children bad study habits at all. :o) Have a blessed day!

November 4, 2008 at 5:59 AM  

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