28 August 2008

Patterns, and More Patterns!

More pattern making! A couple of weeks ago I drafted another dress pattern! It is so fun to see it come together starting with a straight line and a list of measurements! Yesterday I worked on a few finishing touches on the basic draft of the one shown here and also made a copy of another with seam allowances added. That one will soon be completely altered hopefully. Cross my fingers, please, please, please!!
Today was 'cut-out' day. My hand is so tired of holding the scissors I don't want to see a pair for a month. I'm sure I will though! I also made 3 pies, refereed several fights, administered discipline, took school kids to school, fixed supper, did dishes, gave baths, and now, here I am! Updating my blog is relaxing and fun!
I use this glue for everything that needs a glue stick! I use a lot of it in a pattern draft. There is a lot of slashing and adding flair, etc. that takes extra paper and this stuff is IT. It smells like almond flavoring and is all natural so you don't have to worry if your kids eat it! I bought it at http://onehundredwishes.com and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. This is the glue my daughter took to school this year. I say it is the best stuff since sliced bread! I don't know for sure how to say the name, I'm sure Andrea over at 100 wishes could tell you! She is a great gal and has the cutest, funest online shop around! Make sure you check her out!
I just had to share this flower. Can you believe it is all from one 3 inch pot? (the petunia) the viny stuff underneath is another flower that started out in a 3 inch pot. This pic really doesn't do it justice. They just went crazy this summer!

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Blogger Andrea Singarella said...

Hi Jill,
I'm glad the glue works so well for your pattern making. I am in awe of your wonderful sewing, and the dresses are just beautiful.
Have a wonderful long weekend with your family!

August 28, 2008 at 10:38 PM  

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