02 February 2012

LINKY FOLLOWERS (www.linkyfollowers.com)

             See my new 'Follow' button above the old Google Friends Connect?  If you follow my blog would you please follow me through Linky?  GFC is going away:(  It's been a good friend but the powers that be at Google think it's time to retire it.  For now blogger blogs will still have it but that is open for change.  And as I am in the process of switching to a Wordpress blog I will need something new.
I was so excited to see this posted on a friends blog and I wasted no time in signing up.  I'm very happy to see a replacement that if free and so far SO easy to use. So I ask you again to please follow me through Linky.  This way when my 'move' occurs I can take you with me.
And I would encourage you, if you have a blog, to check out Linky, sign up, and join the party!
Go here to see my friends post.  She gives a lot of details about the new Linky Followers

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