30 January 2012

A Tad Bit of Valentine's Decor

I don't go all out for Valentine Decor.  Sometimes I don't do any at all.
For some absolutely adorable crafting fun go here.  Tutorial is great!
And just might get you into the Valentine card making mood!

Since my china cupboard needed a deep cleaning I had The Teenager help me with that on Saturday.  When we got everything back in and I had arranged it well enough to do for now I added just a couple touches of red and hearts.  The heart picks are vintage, I picked them up at an antique shop somewhere.

The detailed Annie Oakley card was from a friend years ago and I kept it.

This little valentine was purchased at McMaster and Storm when their Brick and Mortar was still open.  It makes an appearance almost every February.

(egg from my sister - via Andrea Singarella)
Technically an egg and labeled an Easter decor item, this made its appearance early.  It's pink so it fits right in with any Valentine's theme.  And it's cheery.  Cheer is desperately needed right now.  It is gray and gloomy outside.  (If you will notice I spelled it 'gray'.  If you are very astute and know me very well at all you will recall that I spell it 'grey'.  I like that spelling better.  But since I don't like what it looks like outside I am spelling it 'gray'.  Yes, I'm going crazy)
61 days till April.

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