05 January 2012



Oh the sweet sound of Quietness!  In the early morning before the sun is up.  When the lights are low and the coffee is brewing, filling the house with its wonderful aroma.  When the ‘cherubs’ are still blissfully sleeping.
Then the man of the house goes off to work.  The sunshine (some days!) starts sliding in the windows, filling the rooms with warmth and light.  The ‘cherubs’ straggle down the steps – usually not overly happy to be routed from their cozy beds.  I understand.  I don’t care for it either.

Then the cacophony of normal everyday homeschooling life begins.  Do you ever get so overwhelmed with the NOISE that you shout “QUIET!”?? 

The irony is rather humorous – I’m usually making more noise telling them to BE QUIET than the noise they are making. (In my defense I HAVE to make more noise for them to hear me)
For some the blessed Quietness returns as you, with a heartfelt sigh, send them off to the bus or drop them off at school.  I’ve been there – it feels quite niceJ
For me this morning as I pen this it is as the school day begins – here at home.  Earphones on, my two older girls are listening to their online teachers.  Little Sister has fallen back asleep on the couch.  And I bask in the Quiet.

I’m told that someday my house will be mostly Quiet (and clean!)  and that at that point I will not like the Quiet quite so much.  But for now, at this stage of my life, I soak in the Quiet and enjoy every single blessed second of it.  I will deal with ‘someday’ when it arrives.
And now it appears the students have finished their first lessons.  The Quiet has been broken.  So I will rally myself for another day of life.  And look forward to 9pm when I can tuck them all in bed and once more soak in some Quiet.
On a completely unrelated note – my laptop should arrive today.  I will soon be ‘typing’ instead of ‘penning’ when I write blog posts in my warm living room.  And my fingers, toes and nose will no longer freeze when posting.  Hooray!

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Blogger deborah said...

Quiet is so good sometimes!

When "someday" comes, hopefully there will be some grandkids close that can come over and dispel the quiet for awhile! :)

January 6, 2012 at 10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is great to have the grands come and fill the quiet with some noise-----for awhile! Then I will admit I'm ready for some quiet again.

January 6, 2012 at 10:10 AM  

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