23 September 2011


Sorry, still no pics, I just cannot bring myself to upload them.  Takes too long and my eyes are about to close and stay that way.  I have been on my feet since 6 this morning.  And it is almost 10pm now.  And I only slept about a couple hours last night.  So I'm tired.  Make that TIRED.
The event was a ton of fun!  Even with rain this morning.  Ok ok, I'll admit I was really working at being calm about the rain this morning.  It really puts a kink in things like events.  I kept up a chant in my mind "Lord I gave it all to you months ago.  It's yours. I'm praising you in ALL things.  Even the rain."
The Mexican food exceeded all expectations and believe me those expectations were HIGH!!  They ran out of stuff more than once.  Hoping I get some lunch tomorrow before it's all gone!
If you haven't been there yet, come tomorrow, there's still lots of fun goodies left!
And if you HAVE been there it might not be a bad idea to come back - there just MIGHT be some sales going on!!  Mark downs - coming up:)



Blogger cupcake studio said...

I was there and I'm kicking myself for not introducing myself. After the drive, I was a bit pooped, and seeing all of that awe-inspiring stuff in one place was just too much.

What a lovely, lovely event!!!

September 23, 2011 at 10:14 PM  

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