24 August 2011

A blog you need to bookmark...

My sister has started a blog.  And she's a pretty swell writer if I do say so myself.  So I invite you to check it out!  They live the Kansas farm life, in the land of the Big Sky.  I love Kansas and don't get to spend near enough time there.  I'm biased about it, I know, but you see, I've been going to Kansas my whole life!  I have an Aunt and Uncle who live there and they just happen to have a daughter my age.  I don't recall missing very many (if any) yearly trips to this beloved land.
It's almost always windy there.  I remember very well my early teen years.  That wind played havoc with my 'well-styled' hair! ( think late 80's/early 90's hair)
Today we still go to Kansas yearly.  My sister has 2 absolutely adorable, fun children.  Her oldest is a year younger than my oldest and they love each other dearly.  Big Sister always says Cousin R. is her best friend.  I love it that it's that way!  Middle Sister is 6 months younger than T.S.  T.S. is a boy.  The two get along famously.  Middle Sister wishes she were a boy.  They play football, cowboys, spiderman, etc.  She took her play gun with her along with her Buzz Lightyear on our recent trip.
Little Sister said at Christmas time that she wished Aunt Deborah had a kid HER age.  Bummer.  Guess Aunt Deborah needs to adopt:)  Little Sister does very well at playing by herself and the others do pretty well at including her.  It's hard being the youngest.  At least she's cute!

So.  yes, I'm biased when it comes to Kansas.  But truthfully, I've always loved the country out west.  I also have family in Pennsylvania who we went to see every year.  I much prefer the West to the East.
No offence to anyone living in the East.  It's just a personal preference!!

So go check out my sisters' blog.  Leave her a comment, they are SO fun to get:)  And follow her, check her daily, leave comments!!  You won't be sorry:)

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Anonymous deborah said...

You know what Little Sister? If it was as easy as saying, "I'll take her" Aunt Deborah would love to adopt a little girl your age! :)

August 24, 2011 at 9:37 AM  

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