15 January 2010

Cool Decor disks designed by Wendy Addison, sold by McMaster and Storm

thanks to my 'little' brother....

...we will be well entertained for awhile! (I think my sister and my mom had a little to do w/ it too!) Thank you all of you, it's so fun to have more 'options'!!!!

measuring cups from McMaster and Storm.  I'm using them for drinking glasses (thanks Kara, for the idea!)

Scalloped scissors and petite pinking shears both from McMaster and Storm

Large serving bowl - McMaster and Storm!

Music detailed letters from Damask Design

My sis gave me this cool pitcher.  It's technically for wine.  Might get used for that but I'm sure I will find some other creative uses for it.  Isn't it just the cutest?!

And my sister also gave me the 'baby' white pitcher to go with my 'momma' white pitcher that she gave me for my birthday:)
So how was your Christmas?  Did you get lots of cool stuff?  It's fun, giving and receiving gifts from family and friends.  But even more 'fun' is knowing that we were all given the most precious gift over 2000 years ago when God sent His Son down to our humble level.  That He walked this soil we walk on, breathed this air we breath, lived this life we live, felt all the joy and heartaches we feel, and then was willing to carry out the Father's plan - to suffer and die so we could live eternally - with Him.  Amazing.  What a gift.  Will you receive it??  It can't be truly given unless it is accepted.  We would be hurt, maybe devastated if someone refused a gift we had lovingly bought for them.  How do we make God feel when we reject His gift?  And how does Jesus feel when we reject Him, THE GIFT??  Freely given, choose to receive!!!!


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