19 November 2009


Well, my blog looks like Christmas with the new header, I'm ready to pull out the Christmas decor in a week or so, I'm going on a weekend shopping trip, my sewing is coming along nicely, I've got some gift ideas simmering, I've started thinking about baking, seems like Christmas preparations are going well for this time of year.  So, how about the state of my heart??  Do I remember the REAL meaning of Christmas?  Do I stop to think about why it's called CHRISTMAS?  Am I truly ready for Christmas?? 

Lord God, please help me to look beyond the tinsel, trees, ornaments, deocrating, and frenzy of the season to the Baby in the Manger.  And beyond the Baby to the Man He became, the Work He did the Walk He walked, and the Sacrifice He became.  May YOU truly dwell in my heart and shine brightly to everyone I come in contact with, not only this season but all the seasons of my life.  Help me to think more about giving to peope who are truly in need, hungry, cold, naked, suffering, instead of going overboard buying gifts for my children.  Bless us as Christians the world over, and make us tools in Your hands to do Your work, spreading Your Love and Grace to all mankind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen! what a awesome gift He is! I'm ready to decorate for Christmas, also. I've started, slowly, to put fall things away. Happy weekend shopping!

November 19, 2009 at 9:25 AM  

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