02 December 2009

My first Christmas tree ever.

I've always wanted a Christmas tree.  The last couple of years I've talked pretty hard about having one.  Hubby always dragged his feet.  This year I was determined to have one.  Then my funds ran low and I was talking myself out of it.  Middle Sister asked me the day I decorated if we were getting a tree.  I hadn't realized they were listening to me talk about getting one and wanting one too.  When I told her I thought I might just go with the boxwood greenery everywhere and maybe get a tree next year, and that I really couldn't afford to get one, Middle Sister wasn't impressed.  She talked to Little Sister and they dug into their piggy banks and said THEY would pay for one!!!  And they did.  It cost a little more than they had so Mom wrote a check for the rest (you know you can't be out of money if still have checks right??) and Daddy brought home our Christmas tree.  The girls love it.  I love it.  And we finally have the perfect spot to put our gifts:)

If you click on the picture to make it larger you should be able to read the largest writing on the banner.  The tree is beautiful.  It's a real one, bought from 'Adams Greenhouse' just around the corner and down the street from us.  I may have a tree dripping with ornaments some year, who knows, but for now I just like the beauty of the tree, the sparkle of the lights and the reminder of the Tree of Life.  I wrote the following Bible verses on either side of the center words:
Job 14:7, Psalm 1:3, Proverbs 11:30, Proverbs 15:4, Isaiah 41:19, Isaiah44:23,
Isaiah 60:13, Matthew 7:17-18, Matthew 12:33, Luke 3:9, Luke 13:19, Luke 17:6,
Luke 6:44, Acts 5:30, 1Peter 2:24, Romans 11:24, Revelations 2:7, Revelations 7:1
Revelations 9:4, Revelations 22:2, and Revelations 22:14

And the greenery we cut off the bottom before bringing the tree inside found a spot on the bench on my porch.  Now if I can just keep the kids toys off...!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I like the lights and banner!

December 2, 2009 at 10:59 PM  
Blogger Tonia said...

You finally got your tree Jill. :)
I've been watching your blog to see if you got one. It looks beautiful.

December 3, 2009 at 12:08 PM  

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