30 October 2009

Who needs blinds?

After the last couple of years of wanting to buy blinds for our den/office/sewing room/and now school room, never getting around to it, and just putting it off, I remembered that I had this vintage pair of curtains packed away from when we remodeled the living room.  They used to hang at my living room windows.  I have shutters that are supposed to cover my living room windows now.  Somehow my hubby hasn't ever finished that project...

...but, anyway, I was talking about these curtain panels, not the fact that hubby hasn't finished my living room.  That's another story.  You'll thank me for not getting into THAT one!!  I bought these curtains at McMaster and Storm when they still had their brick and mortar store.  Oh do I ever miss that place!  But they need to be with their families more and I totally understand.  Still, I miss the shop.  Anyway, back to the curtains.  I remembed I had them, dug them out, shook out the creases and hung them.  Voila!  No money spent, no waiting for someone to hang blinds, now my windows can be covered when I want them to be.  Except in the living room... but I'm NOT getting into that remember??

View from the back window.  These fun scissors are from Kara and Darcy.  They used them as a prop at the Country Living Fair and I think they originated at Hobby Lobby.  Don't know if they still have them there, but they are a fun decor item.

I decided to detail mine a little:)

And the view from outside.  Feel free to leave comments to Travis hinting that the house needs new siding!
Have you picked up on the fact that I'm wanting some projects around here finished????
I'm kind of in a nesting mood due to some warm fall weather (finally) AND due to the fact that I just helped my best friend move into her brand-new house.  Made me come home ready to clean out, finish up and make this place look like I really want it to.  Unfortunately, I can't do a lot of the stuff that needs done by myself.  So I usually add to the problem of unfinished stuff by starting something new.  I get all gung-ho on a project and start in, then almost immediately I get to a point where I need help from my husband.  It's a vicious cycle, and really I'd have to say it's all my fault things don't get completely finished.  But on the other hand if nothing got started there would be nothing to finish would there??  Maybe don't answer that!  Anyway I wasn't going to get into all that was I?  Don't answer that either!
Oh well, I'm off to reorganize and reshuffle some stuff.  Hubby may wish he'd worked all evening when he sees the mess I've created.


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