04 May 2009

'Play' time.

This is what I spent 10+ hours making today. It is for a beautiful teenager who is in a play this weekend. The pattern was a one piece jumpsuit but they wanted it 2 pieces so I altered the pattern. They wanted the ruffles so I added those too. It wasn't a hard costume to make but I didn't figure on it taking as long as it did to put all those ruffles on! I'm soooo glad it is finished. I do still have to put elastic in the bottoms, but I'm plumb out of elastic so I will have to get some tomorrow:-) The girl I'm making this for has the most gorgeous blue eyes, she is going to be so cute in this! I think it turned out rather well if I do say so myself!! I would have liked to make the ruffles on the pants a little fuller but this was all I could do with the amount of fabric.

Belt detail.
Ruffles were sewn on after the pants and sleeves were sewn up. Interesting to say the least!
I altered the neckline so it wouldn't be too low and then had to wing it on the collar band and facing. I'm hoping it hangs OK on her. Hopefully on stage it will be fine.


Blogger Minister Grace said...

I'm thinking your girls must love having these scraps around. Sequin headbands galore.

May 4, 2009 at 11:31 PM  

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