04 May 2009

Fun Garage Sale Find.

When we had our big 'children's clothing garage sale' a couple of weeks ago I found this nightgown for Middle Sister. She's had the nightgown and pj's for her bitty twins for awhile now so it was just delightful to find the nightgown for her!! And at a garage sale instead of buying it new at new price! She wore it for the first time last night and she looks absolutely adorable in it. She loved it too, which is fun because she loves to dress in pj's and pretend she is a boy. She would rather be dressed in pants and out playing dinosaurs than dressed like a cute girl playing dolls. So this was a fun change for Mom.

Note to Daddy: Middle Sister wants to make sure you see this picture! They all asked if I had it on my blog so you could see it while you are out-of-town!! Hope you are checking in, we love you and miss you. See you Friday (only 4 more days!)

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