30 November 2011


Boxwood is my favorite greenery to decorate with for Christmas.  It stays green and fresh looking much longer in my corn-heated house.  It is also lovely when mixed with other fresh greenery - I did that last year.  But the other greenery started looking dry and dull much sooner than the boxwood.  My boxwood wreaths usually make it through spring though they are changing color by then.  One year I had a garland of boxwood that I hung over my china cupboard.  It stayed there till late summer and could have stayed but I was tired of it.  It slowly changes to a beautiful yellow/gold color depending on how much light it gets.  This year I have a HUGE 26 inch wreath on the shelf in my living room and a whole lot of loose boxwood tucked in her and there and everywhere!  I promise more pics are coming soon.  Today I'm off to help a friend dec out her house:)  Next week I get to help decorate our church building:)  I'm definitely getting my decorating 'fix' this year and I'm loving it!  Need help with yours?  Send me and email or text!

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