02 April 2010

Junkin' Fix

A couple weeks ago a friend and I decided to run to a couple of our favorite antique shops on a Friday afternoon.  We took her van, loaded my girls and her girl up, popped in a dvd and hit the road!  Betty's antiques and the girls in Verona gave me my junkin' fix for a few weeks.  I'm sure the bug will hit again soon as the weather warms up:)  I'm quite happy with what I found and VERY happy with the prices!

Old dressmakers hem marking tool - $1

Old labels - $.25 cents

Old metal freezer baskets - $7 each
one of the metal baskets now sits on top of my refrigerator holding all my fun, vintage tablecloths that I have long wanted to have out where I could see them instead of stuck away in a drawer.  The other basket sits in my downstairs bathroom holding the overflow of hand towels that don't have a home because the cabinets have never been finished.  I didn't take a picture of it-it's not near as neat looking:)
I also found an old sewing basket full of odds and ends.  It was marked $14.  Not really needing the basket and not really wanting everything inside I dug through and pulled out what I wanted and asked if she would sell me just that.  She shrugged and said, 'Sure, how about $2?'  I was beyond thrilled!!

This seems to be old tatting spools of thread.  There is a long piece of tatting that i untangled.  Wish it could talk and tell me its story.


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