07 October 2009

Beautiful Blossoms

I noticed tonight that I was out of my pre-posted blog posts.  So I found these pictures from late summer to share with you.  There are a few more pictures on my camera's memory stick that I need to download and then I'm done.  My camera has given it up completely.  But... never fear!  We ordered a new camera tonight and even paid the exta shipping to get it in 2 days.  Umm, that was because we have a wedding to go to Saturday that I have to take pictures at... not because I'm so addicted to blogging that I can't be without a camera.  Well, I do really want pictures at the wedding so I can blog them so maybe it's both.  Oh yes, my girls are all in the wedding and I have to have pics of that. Also, I helped make the pattern for the brides dress and helped make the dress.  So definitely HAVE to have pictures!  If the camera gets here in time I'll try to share some pictures of my girls dresses before Sat.  Now I'd better get to bed so I can get some sleep, so I can get up early, so we can do lots of school tomorrow, so I can sew later, 'cause Big Sister's dress isn't sewed up yet.  Eeeek! (I'm trying not to think about the rest of my to-do pile waiting on me!!) (I know, I know, I wouldn't be happy if I wasn't busy.) (But I wouldn't be stressed if I wasn't so busy either.  Hmmm.) Ok.  All right.  Already.  Go. To. Bed. Jill. NOW!


Blogger Morgan said...

I've been working there since the first week of June! Right about 4 months now. :) Dr. L is young....26. He seems a lot older than some people I know that are the same age. I think it's because he's been married for 6 years...add a baby on top of that!
I usually work the 4-8 shift wed or thursdays...and then i always work Sat. mornings with Dr. L. :D

October 8, 2009 at 9:45 AM  

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