07 April 2009


Update: Sigh, Big Sigh. My feet hurt, it feels so good to sit down and prop them up a bit. No, it wasn't anything bad that happened, but thanks for asking, Kara! Nope, just a bunch of things I did wrong or forgot, guess I'm getting old?! It feels like it's been 2 weeks and it's only been 2 days.

I started out yesterday working on removing more plaster from a kitchen wall to expose some more brick. If you've never taken old plaster off my advice is DON'T DO IT. It is a MESS. Huge. mess. Hmmm, seems to me I recall that I have done it before. That means I knew ahead of time what a huge. mess. it. makes. And I did it anyway. WHAT was I thinking??????
Anyway, I did get 2 holes knocked through in the interior wall of my kitchen. (see second photo above.) Then I patched in around all 3 'holes' in my walls with joint compound and lightly textured the one wall with the 2 'holes'. I left the ladder sitting in the kitchen along with all the other stuff I've been using, making it a little difficult to move around the room.
Since Travis is gone I made plans with a friend to meet her for supper. I left early, went to the bank, and went to the meat market and then headed to meet my friend for supper. When I was almost there I got a phone call from the people who I had an appointment with back at my house 15 minutes earlier:-(. I had completely forgot. So I went home, thank goodness they could get me 'cause they live about 45 minutes away. I needed to tear the collar off the guys suit coat, make a new collar and fit the new one to the coat while the coat was on him. That went well, I even found the collar pattern quickly even though I wasn't sure where it was! The only problem was little sister stood beside me the whole time bawling her head off 'case she wanted me to hold her. Not easy to hold a 3 year old when you are trying to sew quickly! I was so embarrassed that I forgot and since I had forgot my house was a disaster. I'd had the girls folding clothes, they were half done, and my dining room table was covered with clothes, folded and unfolded. Then big sister decided it would be a good time to show off a little. You know, Mom is busy and just a little stressed, so great time to do some things she won't appreciate. She took a LOOONG string of my pink tickets, tore them all apart, hid them all and had all the kids find them. Then she threw them all up in the air and said they were confetti. They went everywhere. I'm still finding them in odd places.
I did get accomplished what I needed to, and got them on their way and then we went to our dinner date about an hour later than first planned. After eating I had to get groceries which I very seldom do by myself with all 3 girls. I was exhausted by the time I got home.
And if Monday wasn't enough today has had it's own challenges. I put a couple of chickens in the oven on time bake last night. They would be ready to come out when I got up. First problem: something happened with the alarm and I got up an hour later than normal. Chicken was WELL done:-( Also was up too late to get Big Sister ready to leave with her school ride. So I had to get a shower and get myself presentable, get the little girls up and take Big Sister to school. The clock in the car was off a few minutes so she was late:-( Since I had cooked the chicken too well there wasn't enough I could use so I needed to cook more. I let that cook while I went to school this afternoon and it was perfect when I got back. The one thing that did go wonderful was the bread I made. I will post about that tomorrow!
I was also late getting left to drop the girls at a friends so I could get to school for year book class today. Then when we did leave I forgot a pattern I needed to drop off to another friend so I had to turn around and go back and get it. When I got to school I realized I had forgotten something I had wanted for YB class. Oh well, next week on that one.
Really, I'm not usually such a scatterbrained ninny:-) I think I'm just getting too old to have so many things going on at one time. Maybe I shouldn't have started my kitchen makeover? But if I don't start it'll never get done:-)
Sigh. I'm ready for bed. How early do you think I can put the girls to bed??

Things are starting to fall apart. Travis left Sunday afternoon on business and won't be back for a couple more days. And I'm totally losing it!!!!!! I can't believe the things I've forgotten and done wrong in the past 2 days. I have to run to school now, I'm already late and the kids are still in the tub so I'll update this later to elaborate.

And honey, if you are reading my blog while you are gone, I'm loving my new light in my kitchen!!!! (more on that too!)

gotta run.


Blogger Rachel said...

It sure makes me feel more normal to read about your disaster days! Get a good nights sleep and things will look brighter in the morning...
Can't wait to see your bread. The bread I made today didn't turn out very good :(

April 7, 2009 at 9:34 PM  

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